Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A long Time

Since I posted last almost two months ago things around here have been SUPER busy. First of all I had my last day of work, then headed off visit my grandparents and uncle, and cousin in Sacramento, then I moved to a gorgeous HUGE new apartment (WITHOUT a moving truck and only a little zip car, well and a few large guys to help), took another trip, this time with a few friends, up to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and finally, I started Architecture School!! Im now in week 5 as an architecture student and I'm exhausted!! I can't tell if I "like" it yet, mainly because my brain is going to be adjusting to the college life and architecture in general for awhile. I've spent several 10+ hour days in the studio, but its a good feeling to be busy and to be doing something that few have done before me, and even fewer have done well. Here are some pics of things I've seen and done in the past few weeks. Enjoy!!!

Love, Jenny
Sacramento, CA
Chicago, IL on the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour (amazing a must do in Chi)
Odessa Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
New Baby quilt in the work for a dear friend and baby Helen!!