Sunday, September 7, 2008

a block

I have a block, a creative block. I am taking a drawing class at the art institute and my first class was great. We worked on drawing cylinders. I have so many creative juices but I have no direction for them. I feel so intimidated by the other people on that I have sort have lost my drive to create jewelry. I am hoping that it was just a bad week and next week is better. Its kindof a rough time right now as it it. xoxoxo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A much needed vacation!!

Yay! Im off to a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. No cell phone reception, no television, and definitely no internet!! I love going off the grid for a bit. While I'm gone please check out my etsy shop, I made a new pair of earrings that I am in LOVE with. They remind me of the ocean and I think thats a great way to end the summer. Have a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Gem and Jewelery Show

Also known as the most overstimulating experience I've ever exprienced. I've been to a few of these before, in Utah, Maryland, and DC, but it seems like each one has a different personality. Im pretty convinced that the sellers are exactly the same and i'm pretty sure I saw some strands of beads that I bought 5 years ago. No matter where I go, every single strand of beads glitters and calls for you to buy it. I have done that and now i have a random assortment of beatiful gems and beads I won't use. So this time I tried to be better prepared and get only what I knew I needed. Well when youre put in a massive room with thousands of strands, you lose all sight of the goal.
...Keep an eye out for some of the stunning creations that will come out of my purchases!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to be an artist

Well this is my first blog post as an "Artist". Does that sound strange? And really what right do I have to call my self an artist? I guess the truth is that I am just trying to be an artist.
I have begun to put my jewelry creations on I found this website several months ago. I thought, maybe I should TRY to sell some of the many things I make. I have loved Pouncing around and seeing all the beautiful amazing things that people have created. But I have a bit of a self-esteem problem and i thought there is no way that anyone will want to buy what I am making. But that didnt stop me from buying more and more supplies and making more and more earrings only to give them away. So finally I decided to try peddle my wares and support my creative therapy.
Creative therapy you ask? Well designing and creating is what keeps me sane. I have a full-time job but it isn't enough. Through all of the drama that may happen I need to make things.