Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh darn my arm.

Does anyone else burn themselves when ironing? And I'm talking not just once or twice but on a fairly frequent basis? Hmm...anyone? Well, its not just ironing, I seem to have something with hot metal. Ovens, oven racks, baking sheets, and hot irons (im sure if i had a hair curler that would do it too) all seem to attract my fingers, hands and arms. While I admit that a year ago I got this weird equal sign-looking scar on my arm (cooking pizza) that I think is kinda cool looking (gives me street cred haha), I think I am over this burning thing. In the past week and a half I got a burn on my upper left arm (broiling steak), top of left hand, and wrist of right arm (iron). ow, ow, and ow, im that girl getting neosporin over everything. Also, my doctor looked a little concerned that I have burns and scars all over my arms and hands. Gosh darn.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

Phew, I finally got the quilt top done for the wedding I am going to in June. My friend Jessie from Colgate is marrying her lovely fiancee Alex in St. Louis and obviously I couldn't show up with any old gift from the registry. After many months of searching for the right fabric I finally found some to use in the zig-zag quilt pattern shared by Crazy Mom Quilts. I should mention that I really struggled in the middle of this and couldn't seem to get the right squares in the right places. I blame my lack of space to lay the whole quilt out. Anyway, now I need to figure out how to get to Joann's to pick up some backing fabric so I can get this sucker quilted!! Maybe I can sneak away with the car this weekend when my girlfriends Anna and Ruthie are enjoying the sun by Gilbert Lake, WI. ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Weekend

Spring time here in Chicago is heartbreaking. One day its sunny and seventy degrees, the next it is torrentially downpouring, and the next its cloudy and 40 degrees with wind chill. The last one is what the weekend has been like here. After a chilly early morning Dragbies softball game yesterday I came home and worked on finishing up the quilt I am going to give my brother for his 24th birthday in July. He lives in Alaska and likes to camp and be outside so I think it will be great for him to take with him in his truck. The back and binding is a cozy blue flannel. I just need to sew the binding but I have plenty of time for that.
Now I have to make the wedding quilt for my friend Jessie and her fiancee Alex who are getting married June 20th in St. Louis. She requested blue and yellow and is "traditional". Uh, I am NOT traditional. I don't really like flowery fabrics, usually they seem cheesy to me. So I attempted to find the perfect fabric online for about three months. Finally last week I bit the bullet and started to order these frenchish flowery blue and yellow prints, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't work on a quilt for the next month without liking the fabric. So I found these fabrics from the fabric shack. Now I'm going to make them into a zig-zag quilt!! Ill post updates as I move along. Have a great Sunday!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need these.

I browse the Shopbop website everyday. For about 5 years I've done this now. And I haven't purchased a single thing. Its horrible, its like the worst kind of shopping torture. Especially when you need retail therapy and you come across something like these shades. 1. Ray Bans. 2. rounder wayfarer shape. 3. NEON. OMG I want. I'm a nut about sunglasses, I will go for just about any look, the bigger the better. And they match the watch I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Too bad noone reads this who would buy me these things (actually im sure noone would buy these even if they were reading this), but I really want them. Please style gods please??