Sunday, April 19, 2009


It is raining today, I guess it is spring but I am in desperate need of at least 1 week of sunny beautiful warm weather. Do you ever feel like everything you do is wrong? Like you aren't really in control of things and when you try to get in control nothing works. In general things are pretty great, mainly I am headed to UIC for architecture school next year. And while I love Chicago and I've been fortunate to have wonderful friends here, it just seems like things are drifting apart. I decided to stay here because there really is no better location to study architecture but the world capital of architecture (it's true), but maybe I needed to make a change. Maybe Chicago and I have run our course? Or maybe I am just socially incapable of figuring out rough spots and lulls and boredom. Who knows what the answer is, maybe there isn't one, or perhaps its far beyond any comprehension, either way I guess I will be staying here no matter what so I will have to figure it out. But in the meantime, I am just not feeling RIGHT. Blech. Not even sewing is making me feel better or even distracting me.

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M said...

Blech, bla..s what ever even if you are "staying" in Chicago - you are beginning a BIG new chapter in your life - so treat it that way - new and ready to learn, meet and do new things.... there is no way you can have "done" all there is to do in Chicago and this new place in your life will open many new experiences and close the door on who ever has put you in this funk... not easy but doable B-) ---