Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to be an artist

Well this is my first blog post as an "Artist". Does that sound strange? And really what right do I have to call my self an artist? I guess the truth is that I am just trying to be an artist.
I have begun to put my jewelry creations on etsy.com. I found this website several months ago. I thought, maybe I should TRY to sell some of the many things I make. I have loved Pouncing around and seeing all the beautiful amazing things that people have created. But I have a bit of a self-esteem problem and i thought there is no way that anyone will want to buy what I am making. But that didnt stop me from buying more and more supplies and making more and more earrings only to give them away. So finally I decided to try peddle my wares and support my creative therapy.
Creative therapy you ask? Well designing and creating is what keeps me sane. I have a full-time job but it isn't enough. Through all of the drama that may happen I need to make things.

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