Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Pooped.

This weekend was so busy!! Yesterday Heather and I made an impromptu trip to Ikea following another trip to Vogue fabrics. I further dug myself into a hole by buying more fabric for dresses. Honestly, who am I kidding?? I don't have a good track record with making clothes. Mainly because I know myself and my inability to follow directions. Ask my mom to dig out my old report cards, there are comments on almost every single one that say "very bright (hehe), but has a difficult time following directions". But on the bright side, the exterior of my

Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag is pretty much done. There is some hand sewing around the corners that needs to be done, but besides that it looks FABULOUS!! Well you can decide for yourself:

I guess these pictures aren't very good, but I hope you get the idea. Once it is all done I will be sure to add to the tips and tricks of lots of fellow crafters out there. I just hope it stays together........

Spent time with my cousin last night then made some cookies today as well. OH and I had to assemble my new Ikea bookshelf. I am hoping it will help to rein in my mess. HA only a miracle could do that. Or maybe my mom. Mom, can you please visit and help me clean/organize!? Oh messed up putting the bookcase together too, see those darn directions again!!! Happy week everyone!!

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