Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday

Why is it that Mondays seem so much worse than any other day?

Anyway, just a quick post before I'm off to bed.

The "missing" FQ from my swap sister in Germany. The truth was it was "missing" in the package it was sent in. Yes, this is the second time this has happened to me. They apparently make their padded envelopes with more than one pouch (probably not intentionally to hide things). On to the goods!!

It came with a pretty springy fat quarter, some German chocolate and a great postcard. I'm not sure what I will do with the FQ yet, I need some suggestions for a good easy project. Especially after the Weekender Bag fiasco!!
Thanks so much Karin!! PS I'm So glad you like the package I sent!! :-)

Also, here is a peek at the fabric box I made about a month ago for my linens, I had had it stored up in the high reaches of my closet on the precarious shelf my management company installed. But once I put together my new Ikea bookcase and it sat in my closet for a week, I realized it was the perfect size to fit!! How smart am I ;) ? haha.
Well everyone have a great week, one down, four to go!!

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Karin said...

I´m glad the FQ finally found the way to you ;-) and I hope you get an idea you can use it for. I loved this swap some new people to get to know and international blogging is like you said awesome.
I will sneak through you blog later on, when I have time.

So happy swaping