Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need these.

I browse the Shopbop website everyday. For about 5 years I've done this now. And I haven't purchased a single thing. Its horrible, its like the worst kind of shopping torture. Especially when you need retail therapy and you come across something like these shades. 1. Ray Bans. 2. rounder wayfarer shape. 3. NEON. OMG I want. I'm a nut about sunglasses, I will go for just about any look, the bigger the better. And they match the watch I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Too bad noone reads this who would buy me these things (actually im sure noone would buy these even if they were reading this), but I really want them. Please style gods please??

1 comment:

chase said...

lets get some thongs up on this site, eh?