Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LA and More!

First of all, I just found out I got into the Master of Arch program at UIC in Chicago!!! I am SO excited. I really wanted to stay here in Chicago, and the program at UIC is fantastic, and I can even stay in my same neighborhood!! The only downside is less time for crafting...haha. I will find time no matter what!!

On to the point of this post, my amazing trip to LA. I took the quilt I had been working on as a housewarming present for my best friend from Utah, Jennifer, her wonderful boyfriend Robbie, and their dog Roman.The back with a strip of purple

They loved it. And so of course did Roman!! The next day Jen and I visited her friend Ashley at her office/showroom. Ashley is the designer and owner of the Myne-LA fashion label, and her designs have been seen on everyone from Rachel Bilson to Vanessa Hudgeons, to Selena Gomez and she is even featured in Elle this March! Her clothes are exactly my style, simple, beautiful, modern yet also with a vintage flair, and easy enough to wear anywhere for a hot look. Definitely check her out!!

The next day was Valentines Day (blech!) but it was the perfect day to be outside. Jen had to work so I walked up a few blocks to Runyon Canyon for a hike. I admit I was so busy looking for famous people the whole time that I barely noticed how steep the hike was, but believe me I am feeling it in my legs even today!! I guess thats what happens when you live in the FLAT midwest!! The skies over LA were crystal clear and the temp perfect for a brisk hike. I came back and laid out on their grassy lawn and enjoyed as much of the sun as I could before heading back to Chicago. That night I met up with a great friend from Colgate, a superstar on the Bakersfield Condors, and his equally stellar teammate. They were the best Valentine's dates ever. We went to dinner at my favorite place, barneys beanery, then hit up a club, a must to complete a fantastic night. I danced circles around those boys, but they are definitely better on skates!! (thats no question as I am a disaster on ice).
The next morning Jen and I headed to the Long Beach Flea Market where I picked up some fantastic finds:
Several embroidery patterns (Aunt Martha!), some Scandinavian style trim (Heather is going to LOVE this!), and a Coats&Clark book, "100 Embroidery Stitches". Can you tell what my next project is going to be?? I also got a beautiful resin aspen leaf pendant. That night we made a wonderful burrito dinner, and I made a Brownie pudding, courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa. One word: wow. It was the most amazing dessert EVER.

My last day was Monday and before I hopped on the plane I took a second trip to Mood Fabrics. Uh. Bad. Idea. Really. I have a hard time with clothing patterns, that whole following written directions thing is lost on me. I need pics. Please. but I came away with the absolutely most beautiful silks I've ever seen...I'm enlisting my mom to help me make a dress and two skirts. (do you see the ant fabric in pumpkin!?)
Then it was back on the plane after a sad goodbye to my Los Angeles family. I really had the most fantastic weekend. I can't thank Jen and Robbie enough for putting me up. I will hopefully be back there soon, this time for the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and maybe a hockey game???

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Piano Teacher Wicky said...

Yes, of course I love it! So excited to craft this weekend, and for all future crafting weekends, now that we know you can stay in Chicago! Congrats again on UIC. I am not surprised and you shouldn't be either!