Monday, February 23, 2009

Revised Must-Do List

OK so I've been in a craft-induced frenzy which has since led to a craft-induced coma. I have all this fabric with no immediate purpose, a half-finished baby quilt top, weekender travel bag supplies piled up in a corner, cut-out chef's jacket pattern, and a new Japanese sewing book. I NEED to get it together here folks. Its starting to STRESS me out, and isn't my crafting supposed to promote the opposite effect? (affect?? ugh whatever) So here is the plan, Stan.

1. FINISH quilt top for baby.
2. Cut-out weekender bag pieces (I think this project may best be done in stages)
3. Sew a dress using muslin to get the perfect fit from my new Japanese book.
4. Sew dress from muslin pattern using some fabric lying around here.
5. Use my newly acquired pattern following skills to finish chefs jacket.

OK that's the plan for now. I am hoping that by putting this down I will force myself to follow it. HOPING. really HOPING.

In the meantime check out my friend's blog. No these boys aren't crafty, but they are pretty entertaining in that post-college life way. Let me know what you think!!


Lisa said...


I think I am the recipient of the incredible baby quilt which means it is crossed off your list and you must be onto the chef's jacket by now. I make lists too, not that I get things done any quicker but seeing it unmarked on the fridge, day after day eventually shames me into being less lazy : ) I'm on maternity leave now, so it is shrinking a little.

Going to look at the lovely jewels next. Love the blog too!
Mommy-to-be xxx

Jill said...

Hi Jenny,
I saw your blog on facebook so I took a peek, I hope it is okay. I am so impressed with your craftiness! I have a sewing machine that I never use and you are inspiring me to get it out. Congrats on getting into architecture school, that is really exciting. I hope everything continues to go well for you.