Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Therapy

I don't want to spend much time venting about things in my life that aren't going well. Thats not why I started this blog. But, I did start this blog and my etsy store and all my recent craft projects for the sole purpose of comfort, distraction, and confidence. I have had a pretty rough 12 months, yes a whole year, but this past summer I realized that I wanted to DO something about it. To start feeling better.
Final Drawing Class
I started an Introduction to Drawing Class through the Continuing Education department at the SAIC in September. It was incredible. My professor, Ross, taught me to be confident enough to draw what I see in my head and all around me. I can't tell you how amazing it was. This helped to push me to apply to architecture school by getting one of the hardest parts of the application, the portfolio, on its way. I started Carson.J Designs around that time to give me a "reason" to make the jewelery I've been creating for forever. I rather quickly lost interest out of frustration and discouragement. I would still feel periods of sadness and loss, especially as I live alone, but the drawing and jewelery making really made me happy. It allowed me to focus on something outside of the pain in my heart and create something worthwhile.

Then in October I was given the perfect reason to bring out the sewing machine, a new baby on the way! My friends told me they were having their first child, a girl, in March and I quickly leaped to the cause and began work on the quilt. These friends, while far away now, mean alot to me, and I like to show people my gratitude, respect, and love by making things for them. What began as a smallish quilt project,quickly expanded into a full on fabric obsession (I have only recently discovered the amazing designer fabric out there) and a sewing project mission. This was it for me. I really began to pull myself out of the hole I had been in and get back into my groove.

I think about what to make, how to make it, all day, and even to put me to sleep and it soothes me. Relaxes, distracts, and comforts me. I am so grateful and fortunate to have the ability, or at least the desire to "create". It has been the most potent therapy, besides my nightly mug of Sleepytime or Tension Tamer tea. Thank you.
-love, j

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Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

I agree. There is no therapy like creating something you can be proud of. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Be sure to leave a comment for my current giveaway too!