Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend. First I finished off Jen's quilt (well except the binding). This accomplishment kept me up late friday and took all day Saturday. BUT it was very worth it!! I think it ended turning out amazing. Well you can decide...

Then "the girls" came over that night for some wine and snacks. I had to clean my craft stuff up and that was a task! There was thread and small scraps of fabric everywhere. My friends still ended up with thread all over them. Sorry!! Heres a pic of my cleaned up living area:

This morning, Heather and Nate picked me up and we grabbed brunch with Ruthie and Ian. Then the girls headed to my new favorite fabric store, The Needle Shop. We picked up fabric and headed back to Heather's crib to craft. We wanted to get Ruthie back into sewing and she picked Amy Butler's Chelsea Bag as a starter project. Well it turned into about 6 hours of cutting, fusing, pulling, cursing, sewing, and lots of laughing. We almost got it finished for her, but she just needs to hand sew the two sides together. Again, the machine had a hard time with the thick interfacing. Guess I will have to start saving up for an industrial machine!! I bought some beautiful fabric to make a clutch, keep a look out for that this week!! Thanks girls for such a wonderful day sewing!! xoxo

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Brian and Jackie said...

That is really good. I had not idea. I just found your blog, didn't realize you had it. I can't wait for mine!!!! You are way too talented.