Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunny Saturday

I took the first sunny day in awhile to take a few pictures to share. The first one is of a small stack of my fabric stash. These are all recent purchases of fat quarters from across Etsy. Floragraphix is my FAVORITE of them all, but there are some Amy Butlers in there and Patricia Bravo. My original plan was to make lots of laptop cozies but I havent gotten around to it. Some day soon I will get a little push I hope!!
The one on the right is a fabric jewelery pouch I made to give my friend Ruthie for the big 2-5 tomorrow. She shares her birthday with the Super Bowl, how uhhhh exciting? Or really just a reason for us to give her a little party without her knowing. There is a little treat tucked inside the pouch. I made it out of Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics I had leftover from the baby quilt I just made. We are also making cupcakes so I thought that cute cupcake toppers would be the perfect accompaniment. I just used some images of the Mendocino line and now all I have to do is find my paper cutter and put them on some toothpicks. Im going to use a cupcake idea from blempgorf and I will let you all know how it goes. Happy sunny Saturday from chilly Chicagoland!

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Piano Teacher Wicky said...

The cupcakes and toppers both were awesome! Also, as far as the nice jewelry pouch you made is concerned, don't forget that Karla's birthday is March 4th! wink wink.