Friday, January 16, 2009

Shot of the thermometer in my rental truck

Shot of the thermometer in my rental truck, originally uploaded by Carson.J. Yes that temperature really says -23 degrees. This was at about 8 AM on the Indiana Toll Road. Shortly after that I began to see cars off the side of the road and nearly spun out myself. Unfortunately the rental truck didn't have 4WD as it was advertised by the lovely Enterprise rental agent. Seriously, who gets/makes a TRUCK without 4WD? I don't understand. I didn't make it to my destination, I had to pull over and collect myself then turn around and make my way back to chicago. On the way back I hit a HUGE traffic jam....

Ginormous traffic jam

When I finally made it back to the city, I took a much deserved stop at Joanns Fabric. I picked up this really great home dec fabric (30% off). I had been needing draft stoppers for my doors and windows because this 100 year old apt building keeps none of the heat in or cold air out. I also had some kitty litter around from when I had thought I wanted to adopt a cat (another story for another time), so I was able to make two using the instructions here. My sewing machine stopped liking the fabric/kitty litter combo so i finished up the second by hand. A little sloppy but I think they do the job and I LOVE the fabric!!

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